Rooms and Holiday appartments

At this point we can offer you two holiday flats and two rooms



Every room has a single bed, shower and toilette, coffeemachine, toaster, refrigerator, cable TV, bedding and hand towls.
If you wish we can also accomodate an additionall person on a pull out couch.



Each Holiday appartment consists of a living room, bed room, kitchen and bath.
There is satelite TV in the living room, the kitchen has a stove, refrigerator, coffeemachine, toaster, and a sink to wash dishes in. 
The bed room accomidates 2 people.
If you wish we can accomidate an addtional guest in each room that can sleep on a pull out couch.
Bedding and Towels are included with each room so you are not required to bring them with you, each room is equiped with a onsuite bathroom complete with shower.


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